I am Emily Mann, owner of Rabbit Ears Photography. I am a wife, mother of three amazing kiddos, art lover, and photographer. Art in many forms has always been a big part of my life. I have painted murals both publicly and privately and have always enjoy many different mediums. In college, I focused on art and design, which brought me back to a medium I have loved since the 5th grade... photography. It was truly amazing learning all the fundamentals of exposure, film speeds, darkroom processing etc. Growing up, my Dad always had a camera in our faces. I am so grateful that we have those photographs to look back on and remember all the fun times we had. He had a special eye for turning casual candid moments into framable photographs to be cherished forever. With a so-called "inherited" ability, it has been my passion to capture those same special memories to be framed and cherished on your walls. Our little ones grow so quickly. Personally, I have a terrible long term memory. I use photographs as my own personal memory storage for all those moments I, unfortunately, easily forget. I can help you store and save those special times in all your very busy lives and showcase your family as art on your walls. Thanks for visiting . Emily